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 10 Aug 2021

Hi All,
We really need people to leave some glowing positive reviews on the brand new Android App.
Its ratings have suffered big time due to the old glitches in the platform (growing pains) from about 12 months ago.
If you have used the app and love it, can you please do us a favour and leave a massively positive review
This app has taken us 12 months to redevelop in full late at night and on weekends and we would hugely appreciate your support.
Thanks so much!


   11 Aug 2021
Thanks for those that have left a review already. We really appreciate it.

For everyone else, let's get cracking!!

Gaelian and our team have spent 12 months creating this new streamlined version of the app and it's humming along.
   11 Aug 2021
   12 Aug 2021
Boom!!! Some good reviews coming in. Keep em coming team!
   12 Aug 2021
Hi legends, who is going to leave a positive review next on the awesome new Android App?

There might be some special naturemapr merch up for grabs.

Let's get on that Google Play store and support your local Aussie made citizen science platform innovators!
   13 Aug 2021
Makes me want to go out and buy a mobile phone just so I can test it.... almost!
   13 Aug 2021
Well I think this could be the perfect excuse @Kyliegw ! The app is a mega streamlined way of quickly and easily reporting heaps of sightings. Feedback so far has been excellent from the user base. But we need HEAPS more positive reviews to bring the rating back up, as the Android App copped some terrible reviews about 1-2 years ago when we had major platform challenges due to insane growing pains!
Mike wrote:
   13 Aug 2021
I have a spare phone if you are really serious @Kyliegw. Maybe after lockdown.
   13 Aug 2021
NatureMapr shirts, hats, what will it take?

I realise that leaving a review is a bit of a pain when everything is working well!
   13 Aug 2021
Case of beer?
   14 Aug 2021
Beer can work!
   15 Aug 2021
It's a new day, that means a new positive review on our brand new, streamlined, awesome mobile apps.

Who will be leaving the next positive review today?

The NatureMapr gods will look fondly on this when the new NatureMapr shirts or hats are ready!
(hint: if you want some cool naturemapr merch soon - please leave us an awesome review on the iOS or Android App Store!)
   16 Aug 2021
Hi @AlisonMilton do you use the mobile app?
   16 Aug 2021
@AaronClausen Sorry Aaron. Archaic I know, but I don't have a mobile and from what I've seen I personally much prefer the larger screen offered by an archaic PC. A bit hard to take into the field. :-)
   17 Aug 2021
All good @AlisonMilton - thanks everyone for the excellent reviews that are coming in.

Who is going to leave a positive app review on Google Play and/or Apple Store today???
   20 Aug 2021
How did we go today team?

Heaps of sightings are coming in via the new apps. Who wants to give us a hand and leave a positive review next?
LyndalT wrote:
   17 Sep 2021
Just done!
   23 Sep 2021
Thanks so much LyndalT, we hugely appreciate your support and the fact that you took the time to leave a positive review. Much kudos!

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