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Hi. My name is Luke Downey. I live just outside Canberra, in Wamboin, New South Wales, on a 6 acre bush block which is dedicated to natural vegetation and wildlife. I am keen and passionate about birds, and have been for my whole life. (I have seen over 800 birds and nearly 400 in Australia). I have also in the past few years, become more interested in other animals and plants, due to the Canberra Nature Map program, which has encouraged me to learn about other living things around us (not just birds). The Nature Map programs are a great way to contribute and learn about the natural environment. I like birdwatching in the Southern Highlands area as it offers a different and diverse range of birdlife, compared to Canberra. But there are still many interesting birds around Canberra and many fantastic Nature Reserves and National Parks to explore.

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